Profit Or Loss Keys Showing Returns For Internet Business

Our Offer

We really like helping people with making sense of numbers in their business. If you want to do that, then we would love to talk to you.

We’d like to offer you a free one hour consultation – an initial chat and systems review. We understand that to tell us about your biggest worry about your finance could be quite daunting, so we’d like to give some structure to the session.

Nothing to lose so far!

But before we have that call, I would like you to tell me what we will discuss. This may not be the biggest issue in your business, it may not involve you giving too much information up about your situation. What it will be is the one that you can use to ‘test’ us! You can find out that we talk a finance language you can understand; you can assess whether we can quickly get an understanding of your business and its issues.

You still have nothing to lose, right?

So here are eight topics to choose from:

  1. I want to buy something, can I afford it?
  2. I would like to understand the annual accounts provided by my accountant
  3. I want to know how I should be measuring the performance of my business – explain my P&L
  4. Please can you explain a balance sheet to me
  5. Should I be registered for VAT, and are there any VAT schemes that would suit me better?
  6. Which bookkeeping software or system should I use?
  7. How do I calculate my breakeven point?
  8. Can we review my business credit score/public record?

If we get on, if we pick up something that needs a bit more work, then we can talk about an ongoing relationship. If you just want another 45 minutes, we can do that for £60 + VAT

So, still nothing to lose – well there is. We only offer one of these each week due to time constraints, so make sure you book in early!