Bookkeeping Services


At Making Sense of Numbers we offer a full and flexible bookkeeping service that is simple to use, simple to understand and provides information to you with minimal effort on your part.

We know that many small business owners do not want the hassle of doing their bookkeeping – it isn’t why they set themselves up in business, is it?

BUT at the same time:

  • We know that employing an in house accounts department is a big step.
  • We know that outsourcing can seem extravagant when you have time to do it yourself.
  • We know that sometimes you get behind with ‘the paperwork’ and just need an occasional boost.
  • We know that outsourcing can feel like giving up control of a crucial part of your business.
  • We know that getting regular information to an outsourced bookkeeper is a chore.


  • We can deliver a fully outsourced accounts solution for companies of all sizes (well OK, there does come a point when it is more cost effective to employ your own team, but you may be surprised when that is) – so if you are looking to downsize an existing accounts function, and add more expertise at the same time, or if you are considering a leap into that first outsource, then talk to us.
  • We can offer a cost effective solution – it is very likely that we can work quicker than you; we have come across most accounting ‘challenges’ and can work round them quickly. So you could do it yourself, but frankly we can do it better, and then you can concentrate on the stuff that you are great at!
  • Because we offer a flexible system you could decide that you will only use our service when you need it; at a quieter time of year, you will do it yourself.
  • We work with a range of cloud bookkeeping packages that mean that you can keep control – for example, you can retain full control of the customer facing side of bookkeeping – you raise the sales invoices. For example – you can look in to see whether a supplier has been paid. For example – you can look in to see where this month’s profit and loss is.
  • We have developed a system where all you have to do is put your paperwork in an envelope and post it to us at FREEPOST, MAKING SENSE OF NUMBERS – no need to remember a postcode, no need to weigh, no need to check the thickness. Just put it in the postbox and leave the rest to us.

And once all that is done we can

  • look at making sure you get the best price possible for the preparation of your statutory returns (the information that is entered will be great, so the accountant shouldn’t have too much work to do)
  • produce reports that will track the performance of your business, and help you make decisions to grow that business

How much does it cost? Well, we can’t answer that easily! Our standard rate is £27.50 per hour (plus VAT), and our normal minimum is one hour per month (less than that, and you probably should be doing it yourself). We don’t pretend to be the cheapest, but there is a reason for that!

If you are ready, give us a call to discuss your needs – we can have a face to face meeting if you are close enough to our base. If you are further afield then we can have a longer call – because we offer a remote solution geography really doesn’t matter to us.

If you aren’t ready, but still think you need some sort of bookkeeping or accounting support then still give us a call. It may be that some one to one training would help, so that you can DIY bookkeep with greater confidence. It may be that one of our Making Sense of Numbers workshops is right for you to help you identify the questions that you need answering (or the questions you need to be asking).

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